Monday, August 04, 2008

In Honduras

First vacation since starting working. I really don't need a vacation since all the traveling feels like lots of vacations, but here I am nonetheless. I'm traveling with Eric. His sister is getting married this weekend in Belize, so we figured we'd travel for a week before since we're already in this part of the world.

I miss traveling though. Sat next to a girl on the plane and ended up hanging out with her brother that night in San Pedro Sula. Then Saturday night in a town called La Ceiba. Now we're in Roatan, which is a popular island with really good scuba and snorkeling.

The big bummer has been that American Airlines blows and lost my bag. I had a flight from Dallas to Miami on Friday with a 2 hour layover. Two hours would be sufficient if it weren't for a plane change, gate change, and then the fuel truck "not being able to find us" in Dallas. So we arrived in Miami 15 minutes before takeoff. I narrowly made the plane, but my luggage didn't. Then the next day my luggage was supposed to arrive but it didn't. So in theory my luggage will magically show up at my hotel, but I doubt it.

The funny part is that I almost blame myself for checking a bag at all. Did I really need athletic shoes? But anyway maybe I've just been doing too much consulting. Airlines have such bad customer service.

Anyway so I finished the hotel project, and I'll find out what I'm doing next soon hopefully. Currently signed up for a training in Austria at the end of the month but those often get pushed around.

On another note, I realize I haven't been using this very often, and a friend has convinced me to try twitter. Twitter is basically micro-blogging. If you're on Facebook, it's like status updates. Blogging takes a long time and there's been such a proliferation of blogs it almost makes sense to make the posts smaller. So they have a max of 140 characters. Anyway I'll probably start messing around on there soon, at

Anyway back to the beach!