Tuesday, May 27, 2008


As I was about to board my flight last night from Dallas to Kansas City to start the work week, Southwest made an announcement that they needed someone to give up their seat. They were offering $200 plus the value of the ticket, $160, plus they would put you on the first flight in the morning.

Since I could easily just go home and get on the flight the next morning (the flight I would take anyway if I didn't want to avoid getting up at 4 a.m.), I jumped all over that. One more free trip somewhere to use next time I'm staffed in Dallas and can't leverage my weekend flights.

So they gave me the voucher. Sweet. Easy $360.

Then right after they gave me the voucher, they noticed there were a few no shows for the flight.

"We might still be able to get you on this," they said.

"Will I still get the voucher?" I wanted to know.

"Of course"

Easiest $360 ever.


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