Sunday, May 25, 2008

Am I risk-averse?

"The School System sought to create a risk averse set of professionals (i.e doctors, lawyers, dentists, bankers) and paid little attention to encouraging "creative" types."


Assuming he would put big consulting on that list, he's saying I'm risk averse. Compare that to my good friend and business partner Eric. He's in a very high risk profession, running a start up. Startups typically either flame-out or hit it big.

What is the most desirable? You certainly look at some of the big successful people that are influential thinkers, have made a lot of money, or have had a big impact on something and think that would be great. You don't, of course, hear about all of the people that tried to get there and didn't get anywhere.

I've been trying to decide where I want my life to lead. I think I'd ideally like a little bit of both. Perhaps doing big consulting now is to build a network, get a lot of valuable skills, and have it lead to more opportunities later. Who's to say that I can't then transition into something more "risky"?

Interestingly, the person who wrote the quote at the beginning of this said that professors count as a high-risk job. I'm not sure how I feel about that. He's specifically an econ professor. Aren't all people who get a PhD in econ going to do relatively well anyways?


Blogger a said...

When I think of "creative types" I tend to think of artists, musicians, writers, and the like. Sure successful entrepreneurs need to be risk-takers, but working in business, in general, with that skill set, is a pretty solid, stable discipline as far as making money is concerned.

6:35 PM  
Blogger andy said...

oh hey this is andy from rocinha btw

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