Monday, February 11, 2008

Excellent customer service experience

Wanted to share a quick story of an excellent customer service experience I had over the weekend. Last Thursday, the button on my favorite pair of Lucky Jeans fell off. It actually had pulled clear through the jeans, leaving a hole. I stared at the now separated button for awhile, wondering why that had to happen to me. I figured I was out the $80 or whatever they cost.

I tried to take them to a tailor to get the button reattached. He didn't have the equipment to do it, nor did he know anyone who did.

So I called a Lucky store at a local Dallas mall.

"Bring them in, we'll see what we can do."

I got there, gave them to the clerk, and he said, here, try these on, handing me an equivalent pair. They of course fit (Lucky carries extra long 36 inch in-seams in stock, the major reason I buy from them in the first place), and he exchanged them out (actually I had to pay an extra $14 or something since these were nicer jeans, but I was more than happy to.

As I left, I stared at my year old, heavily worn old jeans. They were the only pair I took around Latin America and the pair I wore most in Brazil. I almost expected something like a broken button to happen to them. I did not, however, expect to get them replaced basically free.....


Blogger Vanessa said...

are you going to take a picture of them before you get rid of them, haha.

11:42 AM  

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