Sunday, January 27, 2008

First project!

News-  tomorrow I start my first client project. I'll be headed to Kansas City Monday through Thursday for at least the next 2 months. I'm pretty excited about the work and it relates to one of my interests. Also, it's going to be a pretty on-the-ground experience. I just got back from buying steel toed boots.

Notes from my first 3 weeks:

As homework for learning some background on where I'll be, they handed me a DVD from Modern Marvels on the History Channel.

They also gave me "decks", or Powerpoint printouts, on the industry. We communicate mostly in Powerpoint. Here's an example: they gave me some master's thesis that is relevant to our project....then they gave me a Powerpoint summary of the thesis. I am a huge fan of this.

On Mondays I'll have a flight that leaves at 6:50 AM. Not cool.

Before this, I did some mystery shopping for a big grocer, and then some work for a wind power project. It's much less cool not being on an actual project, but I still enjoyed it and learned a lot.

I'm just starting to realize the resources and expertise at our disposal. We can call experts on basically anything and have all kinds of documents and access to things.


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