Friday, December 28, 2007

Solidifying my Apple convert status

Apple just permanently sealed my loyalty the other day. It all happened when my hard drive started going out. This was probably my fault. You're never supposed to do a hard shut down (where you hold the power off button for 5 seconds), as it brings the mechanical drive heads to a screeching halt. So it looked like my computer would need to be wiped clean so I could start with a clean slate.

I had years of pictures, music, documents, schoolwork, and data stored on it and I stupidly never backed it up. It would really suck to lose the pictures in particular.

So I heard that Apple stores have the Genius Bar, where they provide on-site technical support for free. It was really crowded when I went to the store in Tucson, so I made an appointment two days in advance for Phoenix. I showed up with just the computer and a young guy named Brad greeted me with a smile. He didn't tell me I was stupid for messing up my computer. He said that while the data would almost certainly be gone on a PC, there was a good chance he could get it back.

He connected an external drive and started the computer with it. He then fixed the directories on my hard drive. I used to know a lot about computers, but now I know the same I did 10 years ago while everyone else knows more. In any regard, my computer was working like new. I should still have to replace my hard drive at some point, but what's important is I got my data backed up.

It didn't cost me anything and the guy was friendly the whole time. How could I then go use a PC, which breaks only to leave to mean, phone based tech support guys.

Oh wait, I know. You can work in the corporate world and so have to use a PC. But alas I will savor my last 2 weeks in the Mac world.


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