Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Reactions to the incident

Yesterday it was almost worth the cost of the perfume to hear everyone's reaction. Here's a sampling.

•At least they didn't try to plant drugs on me
•"Ryan, you should have called me at that moment, because they would have heard hell from me"
•"The bandidos bribe them specifically to not do anything to the residents. They would definitely have a few words with those officers."
•The police are supposed to be extra cafeful with tourists.

And yesterday I finished moving all of my stuff out of Rocinha (my friend who works for my company in Rio is out of town in New York until Sunday, they day I leave, so I'm staying in his badass place). Before I left, my friend called his bandido friend to "advise" him I was leaving and might face trouble.

I still think I pursued the right strategy given the circumstances. And some people want me to go report it, but nothing is going to happen and there's a chance it could bring more negative things. I also briefly thought about calling up a local newspaper, since they love to write about that type of thing. But then I figured that a) people will assume I was doing something wrong and just wouldn't admit it. b) it might bring negative attention to the place I volunteer, when it really is a good thing. c) it might make it so I am "controversial" and that might affect my chance of coming to Brazil to work for my company.

So it's over. I come home soon. I'm totally safe. It's an experience, and it really puts corruption into context.

Overall, I'm over it. Fatima came over last night and said I should have called her, too. She hugged me when I said they took her gift, and I'll get her something for the next time I come to Brazil.


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