Saturday, November 10, 2007

Coolest bird moment ever

On the way to Ihla grande, we were walking from the bus station to the boat. A dog friended us, hoping for some food.

Dr. Todd loves bird-watching, so we stopped to watch a bird on a goal post. Turns out it is an owl. I used his high powered binoculars, and really decided the owl was beautiful. Then as we kept going, the owl turned to face us.

"He's watching the dog, not us," Dr. Todd said.

We kept going, no longer watching the owl. All of a sudden, the owl swoops down over us, screams at the dog, and pecks him on the head before flying off back to his post.

Dr. Todd said that makes his top 10 list of bird moments from decades of watching.

The next day the owl was in the exact same spot. Here's a picture.
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