Friday, October 12, 2007

A story before I forget it.....

A while back I had just been to my friend Breno's concert. I sometimes go on Sundays because I like the music and several friends are usually there.

Anyway so afterwards I hopped in a van to go back home. The van was about half full with all males. Then all of a sudden a scantily clad woman, probably 25, gets on. She had the kind of skirt where we're talking less than an inch between the butt and the skirt. She had on lots of makeup and stripper boots. Clearly a prostitute.

In Rio the prostitutes congregate in Copacabana. This is partly why Copacabana has really deteriorated. There's a place called HELP which is supposed to be just 100% prostitutes and guys looking for them.

Anyway the van was approaching HELP and the driver asked her, "HELP?" Obviously she was going there.

She said, "No, leave me at the Othon (one of the nicest hotels in Rio, which happens to be right next to HELP)."

So he did, she got out and all the guys in the van were laughing. "She expects us to believe that's she's staying at the Othon?"

Still, it was at least possible. She started walking toward it. The driver lingered. She approached the door, and sure enough, at the last second she darted to the left. An uproar of laughter in the bus.

Sad, but still funny.


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