Monday, October 08, 2007

Old Entertainers Welcome in Brazil

One thing I've repeatedly noticed in Brazil is that lots of entertainers bridge generations. While in the US generally the young have their groups and the old have theirs, here it's not like that.

Eighteen year olds like 60 old musicians, and those same 60 year old musicians can sell out concerts to mostly under 25 year olds.

I previously mentioned going to 63 year old Caetano Veloso's concert. I've also been to 61 year old Beth Carvalho's concert (pictured). Most people were under 25, yet sang along the words as if they remember when she first sang the songs.

Moreover, even young performers aren't held back by not being gorgeous. And when it's the music that matters, shouldn't it be that way?

Makes it great to be an aging singer, and I'd say a good trend overall.



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