Saturday, October 20, 2007

Now Officially Employed

...for 8 days before I take a leave of absense until my permanent return from Brazil.

My first day was excellent. Saw the gorgeous office, met my (amazing) coworkers, saw Dallas.

I seriously can't believe how lucky I am to have a job at this place. And Dallas is looking to be not bad at all, either.

Leaving for Atlanta, tomorrow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan, you are God-Damned right to feel lucky to be where you are right now. But looking back, it's the influence of all the people in your life in your younger days that helped pave the road before you. Your Mother and Father had Hell to deal with a child, who at an early age, had difficulty understanding why his parents didnt understand what seemed so obvious to him. You had teachers who were challenged by your capacity to learn and adapt to situations beyond the textbook models they were taught to recognize, and rose to the task. In a way, you were like the robot in the movie "Short Circuit", voracusly seeking "InPut!" You are very much like your Grandfather, who never stopped learning and dreaming, even as he died. He was very proud of you, and would have loved to read this post.

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Doug said...

Congrats man! I'm sure that this org is just as lucky to have you.

11:48 AM  

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