Friday, September 21, 2007

The Trident Test of Your Portuguese Skills

Today while waiting for a bus with my friend Gustavo I realized something - the price I get charged for Trident has come down considerably since I've been here. And it wasn't a sharp drop, but rather gradual. I'd say when I first got here I averaged R$2 (US$1, for 5 pieces), with R$1.50 being the usual low end. Then it started ranging between R$1.50 and R$1.20. Now, I regularly pay R$1. Why?

I thought more about it. I don't negotiate for Trident (call it a personal fault, but I'm the opposite of penny-wise, pound foolish). I doubt there has been a dramatic decrease in the prices of inputs for gum or some newfound market competition to drive down the price.

Nope, we decided it's because of my Portuguese skills. It's no secret that there's a regular price, and a "gringo" price. The difference between the two varies by country of course. By if you speak correctly and with a clear accent, you just might get a better price.



Anonymous Doug said...

voce sempre sera' um gringo no meu coracao!

3:05 PM  

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