Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Soccer Project

Today at the institute I volunteer at, a group of Americans filming a documentary came to try to film in Rocinha. Their project is interesting. They want to explore how pickup soccer games around the world bridge social divides. They´re going all over South America now, and they plan to go to far off places including Iran and Afghanistan.

They´re a group of former soccer players, mostly from Duke. They told me that Duke is trying to generate some positive PR in the wake of the Lacrosse fiasco, and so they´re helping finance the project.

Anyway their website is here. Their blog is here. They clearly haven´t learned the lesson that everyone is South America shows up late.
We finally meet two guys, Rogerio and Washington, who grew up there and agree to take us in. We plan to meet them at 3:00 at the bottom of the footbridge right outside the favela, and we get there early to ensure we don’t miss them. Our promptness backfires: they aren’t there yet, and we are now four tourists hanging out at the entrance to a slum.
Rogerio and Washington are two of the main employees at the institute. I´ll blog about it at some point. In any regard, the filmmakers were hoping to film the drug gang members playing soccer, to give an example of how soccer eliminates barriers. I´d be impressed if they manage to get that on film....


Blogger Vanessa said...

Book = "How Soccer Explains the World." Not exactly the same thing, but this book came to mind when I read this.

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