Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Power, Sex, Air Safety and Politics in Sao Paulo

from this article:

The newspaper O Estado de Saõ Paulo editorialized that it was high time authorities moved against "figures involved in marginal activities [who] remain far away or above the law."

But Mr. Maroni has plenty of fans, too. Fabio Alves, passing by the shuttered club on a motorcycle, paused long enough to predict that Mr. Maroni would soon be free and running his hotel. "Powerful people go to his club and that gives him power," he said, as an airliner roared overhead. "He knows things that could embarrass people."

ADDENDUM: I forgot the best quote (end of this paragraph)
São Paulo officials say they're taking the initiative in Mr. Maroni's case because of doubts about the impartiality of the aviation officials involved in the building-permit process. Prosecutors say federal aviation officials' personal phone numbers were found in a directory seized in Mr. Maroni's office at the Bahamas Club during a raid in 2004. The current investigation is looking into whether the officials got favors from Mr. Maroni. Vladimir Oliveira da Silveira, Mr. Maroni's lawyer, says that it's perfectly normal for a businessman to have contacts in government and Mr. Maroni's dealings weren't inappropriate. He accuses Mayor Kassab of grandstanding, "trying to play Rudy Giuliani."


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