Tuesday, September 25, 2007

One foreigner's brief impression of Rocinha

Paying just enough attention to be inconspicuous my eyes rested upon a troop of 15 or so men carrying various assault rifles, chrome AK-47s M4-A1’s, tech 9’s, 12 gauge shot guns with handle pumps, and various pistols and submachine guns, walking though the crowd with the masses paying precious little attention…
And as with so many foreigners he is amazed by the girls...
I’ve been to Brazilian beaches and the woman there are soo beautiful that I’ve had to just shake my head and ponder that a god must exist if he can create such juicy curves on a woman and give her style and an equally beautiful face, not to mention a penchant for wearing as little clothing as possible while in public. But in the favela, my world was again sent crashing down. Woman on the beaches don’t have Shit on those in the favela- and this is not the type of thing I can explain in words, you must come and see for yourself, because my words are just that, words- its only real when its in front of you for you to interact with and catalog yourself that it can truely be understood.
Personally I think the girls thing is a bit overrated. Maybe this is because I just finished 4 years at UofA, but still.....


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