Monday, September 03, 2007

Interesting Response from Bloggers to Traditional Media

Calculated Risk, a solid real estate blog written by two anonymous authors lists their policy on why they usually won't respond to traditional media reporters, whom they call BIG PAID MEDIA. Here's one of them on why it's insulting that the reporter will call for a comment, but won't just quote off of the blog:
Do you, can you, understand the implicit insult in that? You want to talk to us because of what we have written on this blog, instead of simply engaging with what we have written on this blog. You are saying that blog entries we have written, at our own inspiration, on our own time, for our own intellectual purposes, backed up by our own research, are not good enough for you to use as source material (properly credited). It only “counts” if you get to ask the questions, form the story angle, edit the material, and put names on it.


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