Wednesday, September 05, 2007

First 3 Rules of Real Estate Are....

You know the drill (from Dow Jones):

Lowe's rated higher than Home Depot in most areas, including product selection and customer service. Asked which chain they like better, 53% of respondents chose Lowe's, while 47% chose Home Depot. That's an even wider gap than a similar survey in 2006, which found a 51%-49% preference for Lowe's.

But Home Depot ranked significantly higher in having convenient locations, which turned out to be the strongest predictor of where respondents spent the biggest chunk of home-improvement dollars, the firm said.

Personally, I have exactly the same reaction. I go to whichever is closest. I'll even go to Ace. Ace saves 15 minutes of driving and so even if they charge a bit more it's often worth it. Note: if a plumber or electrician working on your house is charging you by the hour, ALWAYS have them go to the closest one. They'll probably tell you they need to go to one that's not the closest, stop at Carls Jr, and charge you $75 an hour the whole time.


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