Sunday, September 16, 2007

ASUA up to no good

Back at the good ol' UA, which I still follow closely, the student government is again up to no good. Now they're talking about scholarships for "spirited" fans. The money will of course come from other students via the ZonaZoo passes for sporting events. This happens because of a revenue sharing agreement "won" by the scholarship's namesake, former ASUA President Erin Hertzog.
"I brought up the idea to the athletics department to give ASUA a percentage of Zona Zoo pass sales to give back to the students," she said. "The athletics department is not affordable or accessible for every student, and we needed more ways to maximize (the ways that) students (can) profit."
Here's a novel idea: why not just let the students keep that money in the form of lower ticket prices?


Blogger Bradley said...

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Blogger Bradley said...

How ridiculous is that?

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