Thursday, August 16, 2007

What I am going to do the next 2 years, part of a series

I hope to be the type at the end of this opinion:

Do you think management consultants can impact and change the strategy of a business? How are management consultants looked at by top business executives?

Management consultants can certainly change the strategy of a business, primarily by making fewer people execute that strategy.

Most of the time, in my experience, the management consultant is hired by an executive who doesn't quite know how to handle something -- often cost cutting or reorganization of a function whose management he doesn't quite believe in. The consultant comes in and is roundly hated by everybody who must sit in meetings they didn't organize for purposes they don't quite trust. In a lot of cases, the consultant leaves, after costing a bunch of money, and everybody goes back to normal. In other cases, they kill people and replace them with... surprise!... themselves.

In rare cases, however, a smart person comes in and helps people figure out how to do something important together. Those people are worth their weight in gold -- and earn it, too.


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