Thursday, August 02, 2007

Should I get my Texas real estate license?

This is either a rhetorical question or if you want to chime in you're more than welcome.

Here is the basic logic behind why I would want to get my Texas real estate license:

a) I'm moving to Texas and am likely to buy one or more rental properties with Eric or maybe a house for me and Vanessa. While we could very easily find an agent that would refund 1.5% or 2% of their 3% commission, this is always a bit of a headache and it's still not 3%.

b) I would get a Smartkey, the thing that gets you into an houses on MLS. Then I could check out houses without even calling a real estate agent.

c) as I've said before, it's ridiculously easy to get a license. You just take 150 hours of classes online, and then take an easy test. Given my previous knowledge, I'm guessing the online course will be somewhat like the California Online Driving School (just keep hitting skip).

d) it only costs about $700 to take the class and get the license. That is more than made up for with the first transaction.

e) not only will it benefits me/us, but I can help out friends as well. I will have no problem refunding all or nearly all of the 3% of my commission for a friend that would do the same in my shoes.

Anyway some downsides:

a) after the first year you have to do another 30 (or 60? I can't remember) hours of training, and given my employer even that may not be available.

b) distraction from work?

c) would I be better off studying for a grad school admissions test? Reading up on accounting?

Anyway not sure what I'll decide.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean by the california driving school comment. That was the biggest waste of my time, but loved sitting back at home. Gotta love how easy california makes it for speeding. If they tried to make everyone go to a real class that got a ticket, there would be no room left for real schools to operate. I laughed so hard at this comment.

1:25 AM  

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