Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Panamerican Closing Ceremonies

The closing ceremonies were a lot cooler than I expected. This is at the end when they had a rotating group of popular Brazilian music groups of varying styles. The athletes are all on the field, and they had fireworks coming out from all around the stadium. You can't really capture how cool it looked with a camera- we were actually IN the fireworks since they were coming out from all around.

The torch. Again, this doesn't quite do it justice. There's a huge waterfall built in the stadium that leads to the pool below it, where the sun heats the water and makes a cool steam effect. The flame reflects off a series of waving aluminum panels and looks surprisingly like the sun.

The next PAN games will be in Guadalajara in 2011. They had a cool introduction to them and passed the flag and all to the Mexican delegation. Who knows how much money Carlos Slim will throw into that.


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