Thursday, August 23, 2007

Manaus Photos

Already back in Rio. Now that I have my camera chord I'll go back and post pics from the last couple of weeks.

Despite the scam, I enjoyed Manaus and am glad I went. Manaus is a city in the middle of the Amazon, and the most common destination to begin trips either down the river or into the jungle.
It is hard to comprehend the sheer enormity of the Amazon river and forest. Imagine an area most of the size of the continental US of nothing but jungle. That's what we're talking about. The river is also easily the widest in the world at 28 miles. At 4000 miles long, it is only about 150 miles shorter than the Nile, and some even argue over which is actually longer.

The actual city of Manaus benefitted from a rubber boom around the turn of the 19th century. It built the Teatro Amazonas, a fantastic theater that has since been renovated. With the production of synthetic rubber, the boom crashed. The city's economy now runs off of manufacturing, and makes a lot of cars.

Little known fact: the iconic Copacabana wave design actually started in Manaus outside of the theater. It represents the "Meeting of the Waters," the point where the Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes join to become the Amazon river. But they don't join together right away. They travel alongside each other without mixing for 6 miles because of differences in acidity, temperature, and velocity.
No better time to catch up on The Economist.

Eating on the boat at night. There are 10 people around a table with just on candle, which I sat next to. I started noticing a few bugs in my food. Then more, then more. I am no wussy but I had to stop eating because there were no exaggeration 50 to 100 bugs in my food. Here is a pic of a chili that got attacked by bugs. I told everyone else, who had been eating farther from the candle in darkness. One by one they put their plate near the candle and lost their appetite.

Sleeping on hammocks on a boat. Mosquito net of course. There are lots of mosquitos and this region has the lethal kind of malaria.


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