Monday, August 20, 2007

I miss my country

Back in the US briefly for a wedding. As much as we have problems, the more you are away, the more you appreciate the good parts about the US. Things like a good system of law and predictable government are chief amongst those, but really I find that I miss the small things.

For instance, I pull up in the drive-through and order a meal with a large Dr. Pepper, which they don't have in Brazil. I get it, it's in a huge cup four times as big as any in Brazil, and it has ice all the way to the top. So cold and delicious.

Free refills. Free water. Drinking out of the tap. Wide streets. People not actively trying to run into pedestrians. Mexican food! Bic mechanical pencils. Wal-Mart. Home Depot. Best Buy. Apple. Huge parking lots. Super powerful air conditioning. My family. My friends. Cacti. U of A. Arizona sports teams. Steve Nash. My dentist. My girlfriend.

I'll always have complaints about the US and ways to make it better, as any good American should. But when you've been away and you're only here a few days, man it feels good.


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