Thursday, August 16, 2007

Freezing Buses in Venezuela

If you were at UA fall 02, you probably heard about the alleged incident where a Sigma Chi pledge was left in a meat locker for an extended period of time. Now I know how that feels.

Not really, but buses in Venezuela are positively arctic.

I read in the guidebook that the buses are cold, so despite the 85 and humid weather outside, I wore jeans and brought a jacket. I was going from Ciudad Bolivar to Caracas, a nine hour trip overnight. The bus started off fine, but gradually kept getting colder. Then when the movie ended at about midnight, I think somebody turned on some switch. It kept getting colder even when I swore that passengers were about to complain.

My jacket was not enough. The pair of jeans i had on was the one with the 1 inch by four rip on one leg. Those four square inches were freezing. I looked around. Everyone had multiple blankets, some even sleeping bags. What is wrong with you people?!

Anyway the only savior I had was one extra shirt in my backpack. But it was the Enjoy Capitalism shirt. Wrong country for the Enjoy Capitalism shirt! But screw it I put it on anyway, so I had two shirts and a jacket. No avail. It was miserable as I tried to sleep amid a bunch of Venezuelans looking like Eskimos.

Multiple people swore to me they prefer it like that. They say it helps them fall asleep or something. Or that they enjoy having extreme AC because in other places in their life they don't have enough. Either way, the guide books need an asterisk or something for emphasis.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did this trip last summer and I could not agree more! I was there at the end of may so needless to say all my stuff was soaked with rain, I almost died of hypothermia on that bus!

11:42 AM  

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