Monday, August 06, 2007

Escada Selaron and Snoopy Doggy

You may recognize this staircase from any number of music videos or tv shows or movies. Probably the most famous two for us would be Snoop Dogg's Beautiful or from CSI. Anyway so it's called Escada Selaron (Selaron's Steps). Selaron is the artist and by chance he was there the day we went there and we had a decent conversation with him. The stairs, which lead from the Lapa district (which now is the top site for bars and live music in Rio) up to Santa Teresa (a town that has preserved it's heritage and even still runs a street car). He has tiles from all over the world, and he's always updating it. If you send him something, he'll put it up there.

Anyway he makes money by selling drawings and such. He said he made a lot of money from all the people that came there to see where they filmed the video for "Snoopy Doggy". Have to love Brazilians adding e's to everything.

He says he has something for every state in the US. Am I crazy or is this a tile from Arcosanti? Someone please tell me I'm right. He'll put up any tile. Does anyone know if this has a secondary meaning?

Yeah can't quite do the Pharrell thing.


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I'm going tomorrow!!!

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