Thursday, August 23, 2007

Dressing for my new job

Dressing for success as a consultant.
Something most people do rarely -- dressing for the first day on a new job -- consultants must do all the time. Being successful means figuring out how to fit into an environment they don't fully understand -- knowing that first impressions are hard to change.
And it can vary quite a bit:

When meeting venture capitalists and investment-banker types, who tend to have more aggressive personalities, he says, he wears his "in-your-face" pinstriped suit, which he pairs with a pinstriped shirt and bold patterned ties. More staid corporate types or start-ups will see Mr. Salwen in a "sincere" solid navy or gray Brooks Brothers suit.

The same can't be said for consultants who work in Silicon Valley, where even the Wall Street investment bankers must closet their suits or face ridicule and lack of trust.


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