Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ciudad Boliver

I'm back in Rio after traveling back to the US for a wedding. I'm going through where I went piece by piece.

Passing Over a Mine. They built an entire railroad and landing strip just for the mine.

Another prop plane, this time from Canaima to Ciudad Bolivar, the site where Simon Bolivar organized.
Facebook Readers (which makes most of you....more on that later): this doesn't appear to work within Facebook so open the post and you can see it. Landing is pretty weird, because the pilot cuts the plane engine entirely at least a minute before you land. And he then does a sharp turn at the last second to line up with the runway. You're going fast still but it feels so slow, and you keep thinking you're going to touch down but it doesn't happen for a bit.

mmmm, banana chips. Not only would I eat any chips at this point since they don't have them in Brazil, but these were actually good. They were sweet, but everyone puts salt on them.

If there's one thing they have in most Latin American cities, it's fancy churches.

Plaza Bolivar, featuring a statue of Simon Bolivar and five statues for the five countries he liberated. (wikipedia). Ciudad Bolivar is where he declared Venezuela Venezuela and it was from there he launched the rest of his battles.

Obligatory large Chavez poster.


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