Thursday, August 16, 2007


Got your attention, didn't I?

I've heard various times about such and such city being the plastic surgery capital of the world. LA, Buenos Aires, even Rio. I've never seen any actual statistics, but I am here to tell you that anecdotally I'm pretty sure that as far as fake boobs go, Caracas, Venezuela takes the cake.

I noticed lots of big boobs from the second I arrived at the bus station. At first I thought maybe they were just well endowed, but then when I went to a mall I saw lots of REALLY big boobs. And the girls often sported low enough tops that you could tell they were fake. This continued the entire time I was there. I even talked about it with a local college student while going up the cable car to see the city from the mountain. She estimated that more than half the girls in her social circle have fake ones. It's a very popular high school graduation gift.

Anyway I guess if you think Chavez is going to take your money you have to spend it somewhere.

in Panama City for the day. Exploding development. The western hemisphere's Dubai. More soon, plus more on Venezuela and northwest Brazil.


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