Friday, August 03, 2007

Blast from last summer's Asia trip's past

Anyone who's been to China, especially Beijing, can attest to this article in the Wall Street Journal, "Bargaining in Beijing is a Full-Contact Sport."
Shopping at these places is a full-contact sport, with vendors screaming "good price for you" and sometimes actually grabbing passersby and yanking them into their stalls. Sometimes they seemed on the verge of throwing punches, other times a young lady flirted heavily, stroking Andrew's forearm and batting her eyelashes.

Also, the range of the negotiations would surprise anyone. The price they first quote you can be many times what you end up paying. For instance, the first price on a Polo shirt can be $100, but you can fairly easily get them for $4.

You'd also be surprised at the quality. I have real Polos and fake Polos, and you'd have a hard time telling them apart.

Also on the topic of traveling to Asia, this article talks about what a bargain it is.
But when he met up with a friend in Thailand, she didn't want to rough it at his $5 a night hostel. Compromising was not a stretch. They stayed in a mutually tolerable hostel, for $10 a night.
(this also reminds me to transfer photos between computers! I didn't blog last summer, but I have lots of good pictures.)

Travel to Asia!


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