Thursday, August 09, 2007

Asshole Americans Ruining My Contacts

I'll keep this brief. Today I was interviewing various people within the Rio de Janeiro Secretary of Transportation Office. The second most important person I talked to gave me good information for a little while. But then for some reason the topic of his last trip to the US came up. He went on and on about how rude the customs agent was to him. He said they treated him like an animal. He also said he had a bad experience on an American Airlines flight when a flight attendant wouldn't address his valid concern and at one point told him "well this is an American Airlines flight, we are in American airspace, and you are not an American."

Anyway I apologized on behalf of my country, but he couldn't seem to get past it. Finally he said, "you know what, I need to get to a meeting right now" before answering my important questions.

Thanks jackasses that ruined his experience!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

No problem. BTW, go fuck yourself.

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