Friday, August 24, 2007

Angel Falls

Here's my first try uploading a video.

Angel Falls, at 3200 feet, is more than twice as tall as the Empire State Building. No wonder people are willing to go through the chore it is to get there. A propeller ride to Canaima, then a 4 hour boat ride to the camp site, then a hike, all just to get to look up and see Angel Falls. That said, in hindsight the sights on the boatride are just as cool as the falls. You ride through all these beautiful canyons, with countless smaller waterfalls and plateaus and tepuis.

a typical view on the boat ride to Angel Falls

Random note: Angel was the last name of the pilot that discovered it, so it's not named after angels.

Anyway, the Falls are actually a bit underwhelming, but only because you can't tell how tall they are. I mean it certainly doesn't LOOK twice as tall as the Empire State Building. Part of that is that it is surrounded by miles of plateaus nearly as tall and so doesn't stick out. But still, you wouldn't believe it was more than 10 times as tall as the tallest waterfalls in Iguazu Falls from looking at it. The water doesn't even really fall down to the bottom. It just starts to vaporize and somehow makes it to the bottom. This was high season, but in low season when there is less water, the water actually all vaporizes about half way down and so the waterfall never appears to touch the ground.

Personally I liked Iguazu more, but Angel Falls were worth the trip indeed.


Anonymous MIKE JOHNSON said...


12:41 PM  
Blogger Vanessa said...

very, very cool babe!

12:49 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

I echo your sweetheart's thoughts...would have been sweet if you narrated it in Portuguese :)

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