Sunday, July 29, 2007

Pan-American Games

For the past two weeks Rio has had the pleasure of hosting the 15th Pan-American Games. This is like the Olympics for the Western Hemisphere. Quick trivia question: how many countries are participating? Now my hint is you probably guessed too low like I did. What do you guess this time? There are 42 countries participating, including a bunch of islands and such (did you know Puerto Rico participates as its own country?).

Rio is trying to use it as its audition for the 2016 summer Olympics. Someone said the top candidates are probably Rio and Chicago. I thought Rio did an excellent job and would be a great host for the Olympics.

I went to a handful of events and watched a handful more on TV. It's always great to see sports at the highest level (this will appear sarcastic if you read my future post on the American basketball team).

US vs. Puerto Rico Men's Volleyball (US won 3-0, eventually took Silver to Brazil)

US vs. Cuba women's volleyball (Cuba won 3-0, eventually took gold over Brazil)

Beach Volleyball (various countries, Brazil was the best that day Nicaragua the worst)


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