Monday, July 30, 2007

In Pictures: The Disgrace that was the American Panamerican Basketball Team

Skipping to the Ending First. PANAMA!
Aside from that two cool innovations: every player's stats on the screen, plus look above and they have automated searchlights instead of humans.

Rio Olympic Arena. Not even trying to hide Rio's 2016 ambitions. The blue walkway is the temporary portable entrance to the stadium since it appears they didn't finish a real one in time.

As you can see, basketball is popular in Brazil. Or maybe they just knew how bad our team would be.

A large number of fans brought their local soccer team's flag. This guy and his sons were yelling at the camera man to put them on the jumbotron the entire game to no avail; it was clear they were avoiding soccer flags of all types.

Most of the game looked like this. Note future NBA big man Roy Hibbert being no use. These were amateurs, yet the US had the best college players we've got. Every one of them was better than basically every player on the Panama squad yet they were terrible together. The worst part of it is the limited number of fans still cheered like a soccer goal for every three.

Most Brazilians cared more about the NBA when we had Jordan. This Brazilian remembers the good days. Also of note is that this arena is basically in the middle of an F1 track. And sorry to burst your bubble, Wu, but Yaeger's F1 takes Brazil upon further investigation. On a brighter note, people at least didn't boo us like they did during women's volleyball.
Derick confused the US team tryout roster with the actual roster and thought Kansas (his alma matter) had two players. He wore the shorts and brought signs and everything. He yelled out for Mario (a KU player) to the US coach, badly scraping his knee on the seat in the row below in the process. A fitting ending.


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