Sunday, July 29, 2007


This was a flier for a party my friend Breno put on while I was traveling with Tyler. In Brazil, majors at schools often throw parties. Sometimes they can get quite elaborate. Breno is a biology major and planned their party. It was held in a rented out adult movie theater and called "Biolorgia". I don't think I need to translate that. Anyway it was a smashing success and 1,500 people came.

A few observations:

a) this wouldn't happen at a US university. The main culprit in my opinion: the drinking age. I wonder if I'll always think the drinking age being 21 is a bad policy, but at 24 I have never agreed more. Being abroad will do that to you....

b) Would the biology students in the US be able to get 1,500 people to come to a party? It's not known to be the most social major.

c) this idea of majors throwing parties also happened in Chile, and I imagine happens all over Latin America.


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