Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hey didn't you try to rob me?

Today after teaching in the favela, I went to try and scalp tickets for Gotan Project, a popular Argentinian group. It's techno-tango music (Gotan is tango switched in the middle, which is popular slang in Buenos Aires according to Vanessa). I failed to get a ticket, as the show was so popular even people prepared to pay way above face value couldn't get tickets.

But what was a rush was when I was getting on the bus to go home. All of a sudden two teens (one pushing the bottom end of that range, the other pushing the top), got on the back of the bus to try and sell candy bars.

I instantly recognized them. They were the two that tried to rob me in April. I don't think they recognized me even though I kept staring right at them. I was very curious. Is stealing their part time gig? Is selling candy on the bus? Or did they give up stealing?

I kept looking at the young one in particular. He looked so confident talking to people on the bus. He just got up there, talked about what he was selling, then went down the aisle. He walked confidently, clearly unaffected by the constant swaying of the bus. He had done this many times before.

He wore a tank top with dark shorts and cheap shoes. On his arm he had very amateurish tatoos of letters. When he was selling to the seat behind me I tried to study the tatoos. There was a line going down and a line going across his arm. The one going down said C A T (heart symbol). The letters were sloppy and not in a straight line, though whoever did it tried to make it one. The line across was a strange pattern of vertical lines that I couldn't make out. It was a deep tatoo, the kind where you know it's been there awhile.

They really just didn't recognize me, which leads me to believe they've just tried to rob a lot of people.

They sold a surprising number of candy bars and then got off the bus. Ironically they got off just after the tunnel where they had tried to rob me.


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