Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Caetano Veloso

I'm pretty much down to do whatever, so when a couple friends asked if I wanted to go to the Caetano Veloso conert I said, "sure, who's that?"

Turns out I definitely should have known that. He's a very famous Brazilian musician.
Fatima (the lady I'm living with) couldn't believe I didn't know who that was. She put on his CD before the concert to demonstrate.

Brazil is full of different music types. The have all of the main types as in America, plus extra ones including samba, forro, and others. People also often say they like MPB (or popular Brazilian music), which isn't really a type but rather means any song that is popular. So CV counts as MPB.

Anyway we basically just thought this would be a particularly cool concert because it was a big name and they were filming the DVD for his newest CD. We were hoping for something pretty crazy. Turns out it was relatively subdued.

In hindsight, this should have been pretty obvious. The guy is 64, but still acts like he's 20. This makes for really awkward stage movements, and he even dances like a gangster at some points. My favorite part is when he flicks his hands like Ali G. Straight throwing up gang signs and it just looks funny. But apparently the hand flick is normal here...

He has a huge library of songs, but because it was the DVD for his latest, he was doing a bunch of his new stuff. As far as I can tell, Brazilians love singing along, and indeed a couple songs were pretty cool with everyone getting into it. But by and large we were a little underwhelmed. The concern was at Fundacao Progresso, which used to be a Samba School but now is rented out for concerts and such. It's basically a giant tin shed with seating. The acoustics were bad. We ended up going up to the top off to the side on an empty railing and danging our feet below, which was cool.

Also, yesterday was Valentines Day, so there was massive making out. From above it becomes almost disturbing. Kissing in public is very much in style here.

Anyway hopefully we'll go to some more upbeat shows. As the year goes on the Carnaval practices will get bigger. Those will be cool.


Anonymous Pedro said...

It's great to see you are getting along well with our culture ;-)

Don't feel bad for not knowing Caetano Veloso, I know maybe 1, no more than 2 songs from him and I've been here all my life :D

3:47 PM  

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