Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Talk Simply

I stopped actively learning big words after taking the SAT in high school. Not that they weren't important, but just that I didn't feel the need to use them in my everyday writing and talking. I often could use a big word, but choose not to.

One of my new favorite blogs is Brazen Careerist, by Penelope Trunk. Here's a post in which she advocates more simple language in communication.
For example, people who use complicated words are seen as not as smart as people who write with a more basic vocabulary.
I see lots of otherwise smart people slip in big words when really they didn't have to. I don't know if it's that's an insecurity - the need to show others they can and that they're smart, or what. But I wish they'd just talk normally. I can understand it because I did it for a brief while (mostly while studying for the aforementioned SAT junior year of high school). But let's all agree just talk normally. We'll all be better for it.


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