Friday, May 25, 2007

Take Oden first - by a mile

I know I shouldn't just write about basketball, but still shows that there is indecision about who will be the #1 pick, Greg Oden or Kevin Durant. Oden is a good center, Durant is a good small forward. This should be an easy choice.

Lets look at the last 15 years. Who has won all the titles? Besides Jordan's Bulls and the loaded Pistons (who still had Ben Wallace), you're looking at Shaq, Hakeem, and Duncan. Title winners usually have dominant centers, and every indication is that Oden is going to be one. In the 2007 NCAA title game, he kicked butt even when guarded by a rotating trio of future NBA big men. That those three are all going to be lottery picks and Oden still kicked their butt shows how good Oden should be.

Durant is going to kick butt too. He's lick Tracy McGrady and Dirk Novitski. But Oden is like David Robinson or Bill Russell. When in doubt, take the center.

Take Oden. By a mile.

Addendum: Maybe it didn't work out so well, but it was still the right pick. You can't predict injuries.


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