Wednesday, May 09, 2007


My friend Keren sent me this article about Leandro Barbosa written by his first translator. Barbosa, who is from Brazil, started with the Suns and after a mediocre start is becoming a star.

Note on the name: in Brazil the great players (usually in soccer) get a one word name. This is partly tradition and partly because everyone has like 6 names so this is easier for everyone. Case in point: Julia's full name is Julia Lafayette Stockler Macintyre Fischer Lindares. I live with Julia and her mom Fatima. I'll have a picture up at some point.

Also a note on the spelling. It's pronounced like how Spanish speakers would pronounce Leandriño. They have tildes (~) here, but they only go on vowels, like maçã (apple, also note that ç is the same as s in English). Any time there would be a ñ in Spanish it's nh in Portuguese.
Tildes mean the sound comes through the nose.

Also, I need to post my picture with Barbosa, whom I ran into in the airport in Sao Paolo in 2005 when he was going with the Brazilian national team to the Americas championship.


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