Sunday, May 13, 2007

good Portuguese site

Just found this Portuguese site, which has a decent amount of content well organized. It's a good reminder for me, if nothing else.

Was out from 2 in the afternoon until 3 in the morning today. First went to a birthday party. It started as a family event, but then the college kids stayed until 9, when I left to go watch the Suns game. Then I met up with some Fulbrighters where they ate dinner, then I went to the center of the city for a party that Breno invited me to. The theme was clowns or something and the dress was absolutely ridiculous. Like not even cool. It didn't have the appeal of having girls look cute, and worked horribly with the sweaty environment. Worse, they gave everyone a cup when you walk in to get refilled with drinks. This wasn't even sanitary, and made everyone spill drinks all over the glossy tile floor. Coming down the stairs was like a slip-n-slide.

Anyway I'm about to go to sleep. Happy Mother's Day mom!


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