Sunday, May 27, 2007

Consulting Message Board Interesting Post

The following is a response to a PhD applicant to my future employer who had written a message board post urging recruiters to look beyond school ranking in looking at applicants. I think this is a good wake up call for everyone, including me. The lesson is that rather than complain about reality, you should go make yourself more attractive to whatever that reality is. I can see this applying to many things: girls, finances, laws, education, family, etc.

Anyway the response:

You come across as a stereotypical PhD. Here are some pointers for you:

1. Stop focusing your energy on changing the way consulting firms recruit. Instead, focus your energy on strengthening your resume. Bring out the intangibles that matter so much more than your academics. Once you successfully passed through the interview process and begin your career as a consultant, THEN you can try applying your energy to change the way your firm recruits.

2. What are the intangibles? You seem absolutely clueless. If you believe there is no brain power involved in getting an MBA, then go get one from a top-tier b-school. Then you will have the credibility to say what you just said. I believe a PhD requires no brain power at all. My colleague has a PhD and he never even published a peer-reviewed article. You know the PhDs are known for -- they know everything about nothing.

3. What is consulting? Consulting is not a secret society with the smartest intellectuals in the world. We do not go around to math competitions and extend offers to all the winners. We do not go around to spelling bees and offer winners summer internships. We hire the smartest intellectuals WITH tremendous business acumen and social presence. We could care less if you are the best effing blueberry cupcake maker in the world. We would pause and look at you again if you have helped a cupcake company increase their profits by 27% in one year.

4. What is reality? You are not going to change the system by complaining how the system has screened you out. You went to an institution where consulting firms pass over. If you had really wanted to do consulting, then you would have chosen more appropriately. So, I can tell that you have not been planning on doing consulting. Now, whether you have been successful in science is something for you to decide, but coming here and trying to get firms to change their recruiting process just because a PhD who never intended on doing consulting is now screened out is just amusing.

You are a long way from being polished enough for consulting, even if you pass the initial resume screen, you will certainly be dinged in the interviews. Why? I just do not like you.


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