Monday, April 16, 2007


I'm in Uruguay this week for a regional meeting of all the South American Fulbrighters. I'll write more when I have a bigger break. Today I'm making a presentation on my project, which is a bit difficult considering that multiple others have cursory knowledge of the issues present, and one has done a full-blown transportation study on Curitiba. I've only been in Brazil doing my project for a few weeks, and honestly I've spent little time on my actual project so far because I've been getting settled and learning Portuguese. But lots of people are in the same boat. There are some people that started last summer and they have much more, but people realize there are a good chunk of people that have been on it only a matter of weeks.

Here was a funny headline on the WSJonline today:

whether to substantially reduce the company's cable-TV holdings amid Web competition. Some inside Time Warner wonder whether it should buy a major Internet company.

It's such an insult to the AOL merger when they are now thinking they should buy "a major online company." Shareholders that got burned are thinking, "didn't we already give 55% of our entire company for a 'major' Internet company?"


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