Monday, April 30, 2007

Social Networks Can be Useful

As much as people waste time on things like Facebook, they serve a legitimate purpose. There are literally hundreds of people that I am connected to on there from high school, a job, college, or whatever, whom I would never hear from or be able to contact without having that connection.

I was reminded of this when I recently got an invitation to join a network that is growing in South America. One of my friends from my semester in Chile, Kalbuco, added me. I had been emailing him repeatedly on his old email address. Later I found out he stopped using that one, and we started catching up (hopefully I'll get down to his city at some point this year). Then he had added Fernando (also in the same link as above) who then added me. I was just in Montevideo (where Fernando lives), and he too didn't use the old email address I had so we couldn't get together.

Anyway these things are useful. Don't dismiss them as child's play.


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