Friday, April 27, 2007

Rio Office

After my retreat a couple weeks a go with my future employer (side note: I know it's annoying I don't mention it by name. It's not a secret to those that know me or even those that just look at my Facebook page. I just don't want to have it up here), I met someone from Brazil who was friends with a girl in the Rio office. I wanted to go to it anyway, and when they offered to have me for a day, I couldn't refuse.

The office is on the top floor of building in Botafogo Beach (see picture, which is the view from the balcony), which is by the famous Sugarloaf (the point on the center-left of the picture and where 1/2 of the famous pictures of Rio are taken, with the other half from Christ the Redeemer). The way all company offices work is most people are traveling for 4 days a week and then are in the office on Friday. Thus the only real day to visit is Friday. Still, the Rio office only has 30 or 40 people including staff. The Rio office is basically an extension of the Sao Paolo office, which is the hub for Latin America. But whether you're there or not, you can get staffed on LA projects or projects anywhere else in the world. Case in point- the girl who met me worked on a project in Houston and met a boyfriend and now is permanently transferring to the Houston office next week. She just got her visa today (the questioning she got at the US embassy is accidental comedy, but she got it without a hitch. Summary: Are you a terrorist? Okay, welcome to the US).

Here were her tips for me:

1. Personality counts a lot
2. Be a "duck" - calm above the surface but working hard below.
3. Pay special attention to first impressions.

There were others, but those are the three most important (I have a list I made. I find that after an important meeting like that going somewhere and just sitting for an hour and processing is useful).

Anyway I met a handful of other people, and am going with Claudia (the girl I met with) and her boyfriend (in from Houston) to a soccer game on Sunday. A group is also going surfing tomorrow morning. Or rather surf lessons. I said I'd go at least once before I leave Rio. Should be fun.

Can't wait to start in Dallas next January!


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