Saturday, April 28, 2007

Quit saying "to be honest"

It bothers me when people say "to be honest" when it has nothing to do with honesty. Here's an example:
The Chiefs have selected WR Dwayne Bowe with the 23rd pick. I love this pick. They haven't had a premier receiver in a long time. Their top guy right now is Kennison but he is an aging guy. Bowe has great size, great physical skills and to be honest, he has one of the highest upsides of any receiver in this draft.

This is just bad English. Does the statement that follows have anything to do with honesty? Is it a secret or revealing opinion? No. Is it something people ever lie about? No.

To be honest should be reserved for something that people sometimes lie about or to lesson the blow of a statement. About to say someone doesn't look good in that dress? Then use to be honest. But when it's meaningless, drop it.

I wouldn't care, except somehow it's a trendy phrase and I hear it all the time from all kinds of people.

Note: I should hat tip Jeff Berens, who first mentioned how annoying it is that people say to be honest all the time and usually the wrong way.


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