Friday, April 13, 2007

In Naples

I'm in Naples, Florida with Vanessa for a retreat with my future employer. I can't believe I am lucky enough to have a job with this company. The perks are better than I thought and what you get to do is better than advertised. The people are great. Very very little arrogance at all. You'll be talking to someone that's completely down to earth, and then you realize they're, for example, one of the top graduates at Harvard Law.

My peer class in Dallas will have 6 people total. I have met 2 of the others so far and like them.

Anyway back to the retreat. Here's an interesting article on how to reformat the draft process in the NBA to prevent end-of-season tanking. The author, the amazing Bill Simmons, proposes that the league end the season slightly early with 6 of the 8 playoff spots per division set, and then the remaining 9 teams per league play a mini-tournament for the last 2. Great idea.


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