Saturday, April 07, 2007

I'm an idiot

Almost got robbed today, saved only by a vintage distance run. I was looking for a bus stop and could either have gone 1/2 mile one way or 1/4 mile, but through a tunnel. The long way was lit, safe, and with people. The tunnel was dark, and you passed by a sort of park right before. This should have been a fairly obvious decision, but I wasn't thinking. So I'm walking toward the tunnel and there's a couple people just talking. Then there's a boy about 15 years old in an oil stained shirt. He asks the time. 9:30 I say, no harm done. I keep walking and there are older boys, probably 20 or 25, behind a small tree. There are three of them just talking. So at this point I think I may be in for trouble; I make a little bit of eye contact, they didn't seem to be coming for me, so I figured they were just shady characters but not going after me. Still I thought about running once I got to the tunnel, which was out of view of where they were talking. I keep looking back and see nobody. About 50 feet into the tunnel I see the boy that asked the time, and now I'm like crap. Then I see one of the older boys, in a dirty white shirt and shorts. I kept walking, picking up the pace. Shady characters always know how to walk much faster than you thought possible. Then they were maybe 15 feet behind me. The boy says, "one question". I'm not quite that stupid. They didn't have weapons, and my instinct was to run. I started bolting to the end of the tunnel. I briefly considered jumping the railing that separated traffic and the walkway (it was 5 feet or taller, but I was sure I could make it in a pinch), but then decided the danger of a car would be worse. Cars never ever give people the right of way and assume you will quickly get out of the way even on quiet, empty streets, and this was a four lane tunnel. Instead I just kept running. I was pretty sure they would catch me, but I ended up gaining on them. Finally they stopped, but I kept running for good measure. Coming around the corner at the end of the tunnel was a bit scary, because I worried they had a friend waiting at the other end. Instead there was nobody, and there was a police car stationed not far from the tunnel exit. I was safe. I wanted to tell the police, more out of curiosity than anything (what would they do?), but they weren't in the car. Instead they are talking to a guy, who they tell me later was telling them about "a guy running down the tunnel with two other guys running after him. Then I talked to them. They were friendly. They were like "be careful, you shouldn't have been there alone. We can't be everywhere." They didn't go see if the boys were there or anything. They wished me luck, and I was off. Anyway I should have known better. I got on a bus and headed back home.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my GAWD Ryan!!! I'm SO GLAD you could outrun them! Please remember you are in the murder and crime capital of the world. You are not a cat with 9 lives ........... be CAREFUL!!! Love, MOM

1:21 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

Was that comment really from your mom?

10:10 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Haha yes it is. That is before she realized that comments were public. She thought only I would see them.

9:47 PM  

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