Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Back in Rio

So when I said I was going back to Rio I really meant I was going to Rio through Buenos Aires, but I wanted to surprise Vanessa. Spent two days there. It happened in a pretty interesting way.

So the Fulbright had booked a round trip ticket from Rio (where I was) to Montevideo (where the conference was) leaving on April 15. My employer's retreat was April 12 to April 15. So I would have had to miss the last day of the employer's retreat to make the Fulbright retreat. Instead the employer just said they'd fly me to Montevideo so I didn't have to miss the last day. So I bailed on the first leg of the flight from Rio to Montevideo. I told the Fulbright people this, and somewhere in between me and the Fulbright and their travel agent, we thought all I had to do was go to the Montevideo airport on Saturday when the original flight was leaving. But I didn't have the physical tickets, which were issued in and still waiting in Rio, so the airline wouldn't let me on. So the Fulbright said to buy a new ticket.

So I spent the night in Montevideo with my new friend Andrew (who is an amazing musician and did all kinds of demos with his keyboard hooked up to Apple Garage Band on his computer. His Fulbright Project - "Rock'n'Rol in Uruguay", and is actually quite interesting). Then I found a flight that passed through Buenos Aires to see Vanessa. So it all worked out. Vanessa is living with a 22 year old American girl who has been there 3 or so years dating a 29-year old Argentinian guy, Augusto, who is awesome. Anyway one random bit about him is he's buying a large hostel so of course I wanted to hear all about it and all of the different dynamics in Argentina (about how lease rates are rarely fixed and fluctuate based off of formulas and such, and typical contracts practices etc).

Finally hopped on a plane today and am home for the first time in a couple weeks. All three stops were solid, but it's good to be back.


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