Saturday, March 31, 2007

RJ's method for going out

I mentioned that I am living with a lady and her daughter. The lady is the manager at the theater hear in Leblon. It's three or four small theaters of about 250 seats each. Anyway I didn't have anything to do last night so she invited me to one of the shows. I was having trouble following it, but it was fun nonetheless. After the first show, met an odd love triangle. So the lady I'm living with's name is Fatima. She has a boyfriend named George. Then a lady comes and we realize is the mother of George's youngest of 2 daughters. She looks about 50, like George. Then a guy that looks about thirty comes, who is that lady's husband, along with George's/her daughter, who looks marginally younger than her husband. Then her boyfriend comes. Then Fatima comes out, and I realized that this whole arrangement wasn't awkward to them at all. Anyway we all went and saw another play, and then I got a ride home at like 1. But I still wanted to go out.

I just started walking down the street, talking to people. Then I saw two English speaking guys and just said, "hey, you guys want to go to Lapa." They said yes, and we were off. Making friends is surprisingly easy if you just ask. They were both about 30. One was an Englishman on a business trip for Schlumberger. The other was a Brazilian that works for a networking company and spent a decade in New York so he speaks perfect English. Anyway we had a few drinks, laughed a lot, made fun of people, and then headed home. Got a microeducation of Brazilian business on the car ride. The Englishment talks about how there is no attention to details and excess bureaucracy. He is a technician that hooks up offshore platforms to the actual drills, and he said he could do his job in 2 or 3 days. But the Brazilians he was working with (at PetroBras, the gigantic Brazilian oil concern) wanted to dick him around. He had been there a week and accomplished nothing. Anyway it was fun to hear some of the details. He went into more detail about the offshore platforms and technical stuff, but I won't bore you with it.


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